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Recording Studio Rules and Policies


Welcome to Rage House LLC! We are dedicated to providing a professional and creative environment for our clients. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, please read and adhere to the following rules and policies:


  1. Intoxication Policy:


If a client is deemed overly intoxicated, our staff reserves the right to escort them out of the premises for the safety and comfort of everyone.


   2. Refund Policy:


We do not offer refunds on deposits or sessions. However, clients can use the deposited amount for additional sessions and studio time.


   3. Smoking Policy:


Smoking is strictly confined to the designated smoke lounge. Failure to comply may result in the termination of the recording session.


   4. Equipment Damage:


Clients are responsible for any damage caused to the equipment during their session. The client is expected to cover the costs of repairs or replacements.


   5. Studio Capacity:


The A Room (Rage Room) has a maximum capacity of 8 people. The B Room (Ember Room) allows a maximum of 4 people, including the engineer.


   6. Booking and Deposits:


All bookings with an Audio Engineer require a deposit equal to half the price of the session before accessing the studio.

Studio Bookings without an engineer are to be paid in full at least 2 hours before the session.


   7. Ownership of Production Work:


Any production work done by the producer is owned by the producer. Artists must negotiate agreements directly with the producer for ownership and usage rights.


   8. Right to Refuse Service:


Rage House LLC is a private facility, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


   9. Care of Client Properties:


We exercise care and handling in the storage of all client properties. However, we cannot assume liability for loss or damage, and we recommend clients secure appropriate insurance for their properties.

Artists who rent the room are responsible for knowing how to use the equipment and handling their own personal data, Rage House is not liable or responsible for the Artists data or teaching of how to use the equipment.


   10. Data Backup:


No files will be released until payment has been made in full, unless prior arrangements have been approved. Payments for block hour rates must be made in FULL before any recording begins. Studio time begins from the time you “Book” your session time slot – not when you show up. It is suggested that you be on time for your session as we may have another session booked right after your session.

   11. Studio Time and Day Rates:


Studio time ends when the engineer has completed working on your project. If you require bounces, backups, CD burning, etc., the engineer is still working and you are still being billed.


Day rates are to be paid in advance, and the time used all in the same day. No splits. When you lock out multiple days, we might be able to not book any session between your sessions; please request in advance.


   12. Photography/Video Policy:


Please inform the staff if you plan to photograph or video your session, as we may need to ensure other studios are clear for any pictures or videos in the common areas. An additional lighting fee might be added if you will be bringing heavy lighting equipment.


   13. Dog-Friendly Facilities:


We are a dog-friendly studio. If your dog sheds or makes a mess there will be a $20 Clean Up fee.

   14. Under Influence Policy:


We carry a strict “Under Influence” policy. If the manager or engineer feels that you, or anyone in your party, are under the influence of excessive drugs and/or alcohol, the engineer or studio 

the manager reserves the right to cancel your session.


By using our recording studio, you agree to comply with these rules and policies. We appreciate your cooperation, and we look forward to helping you create amazing music!

   15. Non-Fire Arms Policy:

We pride on a safe environment. All firearms and weapons are prohibited on the premise to ensure the safety of all individuals present.


For any questions or concerns, please contact Rage House LLC at

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